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ParKanDo Community e-Seminar

Online seminar via Zoom (map)

Tue 9th Feb 2021, 5:00pm to 6:00pm (1 hour)

“Parkinson’s does not define me. It does not tell you who I am or what I’m capable of.” Carmel Wall

Do you or someone you know have Parkinsons? Or simply interested in supporting inclusion of those impacted within your community? Then this free seminar is for you!

Join us by registering below to hear from:

- Victor McConvey, Fight Parkinson’s Health Team: What is Parkinson’s?
- Maria Consolo: My Journey with Parkinson’s – A Personal Perspective
- Pam West & Victor McConvey: Busting Myths & Perceptions – A Conversation
- Q&A Session

For more information, please contact us at events@parkinsons-vic.org.au

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