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Ask The Expert

Jan. 05, 2024

Ask the Expert gives YOU direct access to researchers, medical, health and other professionals who specialise in Parkinson's.

This webinar series provides you with the opportunity to hear from, and ask questions of, experts on a variety of topics relating to symptom management, treatment and promising research.

Attendence is FREE and is online via Teams.  Each webinar is facilitated by Fight Parkinson’s.

Treatment Choices, with Dr Kelly Bertram

Wed 28th Feb, 5:30pm on Teams

Everyone with Parkinson's will need a unique treatment regime. There are a range of treatment choices available from early years through to when you have lived with Parkinson's for some time.

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Who’s who in the treating team, with Dr Jenny McGinley

 Tue 5th Mar, 5:30pm on Teams

The evidence is in: Parkinson's needs a team approach to get the best management. This Ask the Expert session will introduce you to the different team members and explain how they can improve your Parkinson's management and how working together as a team provides you with the best care.

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