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Ask The Expert

Jan. 25, 2023

Ask the Expert gives YOU direct access to researchers, medical, health and other professionals who specialise in Parkinson's.

This webinar series provides you with the opportunity to hear from, and ask questions of, experts on a variety of topics relating to symptom management, treatment and promising research.

Attendence is FREE and is online via Zoom.  Each webinar is facilitated by Fight Parkinson’s.

Cognition and Parkinson’s

Wed 20th Sep 2023, 5:30pm on Teams

Join Clinical Neuropsychologist, Luke Smith to explore what cognitive change is, explain how living with Parkinson’s can affect our cognition and provide insights to help manage cognitive changes.

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Wellness approaches and managing Parkinson’s

Mon 2nd Oct 2023, 5:30pm on Teams

Join us for this special Ask the Expert discussion with integrative neurologist and movement disorder specialist, Dr Sanjay Raghav, as we look beyond traditional medical models and focus on how we can use these health principles to integrate them into neurological practice and apply them to holistically manage Parkinson's.

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The Eye – Providing a Window on Parkinson’s

Wed 15th Nov 2023, 5:30pm on Teams

We will discuss recent evidence looking at ways in which we can use retinal imaging which has high capacity for scalability as biomarkers for Parkinson's Disease.

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