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Conferences and Events

In an attempt to ensure health professionals use best practice techniques, Fight Parkinson’s is committed to delivering health professional education through conferences, seminars and forums.

As an organisation we are also committed to using innovative modes of education delivery such as e-learning and webinars. These educational formats will be available to health professionals in Victoria in the near future.

Some of the past events we have delivered for health professionals include:

  • World Parkinson’s Day public lecture (annual event on 11 April)
  • Living Well Conference 2014 
  • PSP Health Care Professional Seminar 2014
  • Regional GP information evening (Wodonga) 2014
  • It’s More than Words 2013
  • Psychosocial aspects of living with a chronic illness (in conjunction with MS) 2013 
  • Atypical Parkinson’s Conference 2013
  • Regional GP information evening (Mildura) 2013
  • Tough Act to Swallow 2012
  • Revealing the Mystery of Parkinson’s 2012
  • Physiotherapy and Parkinson’s 2011
  • Parkinson’s and Allied Health Seminar 2010
  • The Challenge of Movement Disorders: PSP, CBS and MSA 2009
  • Senses, Sensuality and Sexuality in Parkinson’s 2007
  • Various regional seminars

Our plans to expand the services on offer to health professionals incorporate:

  • Continued specialty conferences and seminars in metropolitan and regional areas
  • Webinars
  • E-learning