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Recognition Awards

The Fight Parkinson’s Recognition Awards recognise the significant contribution of volunteers in the support of people living with Parkinson's and their families.

The Parkinson's community has been built on the invaluable contributions of volunteers, who have offered their time, insight, and experience to inspire and support others. 

Our annual Recognition Awards recognise the years of service and outstanding contributions to the Parkinson's community by individuals and groups.

Award categories

Sir Zelman Cowen Award

Fight Parkinson’s highest honour, the Sir Zelman Cowen Award, is presented to an individual in recognition of their invaluable voluntary contribution to the Parkinson’s community. In 2006, Sir Zelman Cowen generously gave permission for an award to be presented in his name, allowing Fight Parkinson’s the honour of recognising his outstanding community service and support for people living with Parkinson’s.

Harold Waldron Carer’s Award

This award honours a family member or friend who has been touched by Parkinson’s and has made a significant difference to the Parkinson’s community, through their voluntary leadership or support of a leader, through their consistency, length of service and dedication to the community.

Community Recognition Award

Recognises the significant contribution of an individual or an organisation to events or activities.

Five, 10 and 15 Year Service Awards

Acknowledges the continuous service of volunteers in an administrative, project or service capacity, particularly those coordinating a Peer Support Group.

Honorary Life Membership

This award recognises outstanding services for a period of at least 15 years.


Information will be posted here when nominations for the 2022 Awards open. Award recipients will be announced at the Fight Parkinson's Annual General Meeting in November 2022. 

2021 Recognition Award recipients

Sir Zelman Cowen Award: Christine Anderson

Sir Harold Waldron Carer's Award: Keith Anderson

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2020 Recognition Award recipients

Sir Zelman Cowen Award: Judy Phelan

Sir Harold Waldron Carer's Award: Elaine Maberly

Community Recognition Award: Keith Anderson (Manningham); Kirsten George (A Walk in the Park Geelong); Darryl Roberts (Swan Hill); Bev Boag (Grampians); Noala Flynn (Werribee - awarded posthumously); Kirsten George; Isa Adams.

Honorary Life Member: Mike Jobling (ParkinSong Williamstown); Betty Suggett, (Warrnambool); Prof. Meg Morris.

5 year Service Award: Diane Whitelaw (Mildura).

Certificate of Appreciation: Sue Harper; Karyn Spilberg; Dominic Hare; Russell Joyce; Sheenagh Bottrell; John Young; Col Berry; Cathy Crerar; Firefighters Charity Fund.

2019 Recognition Award recipients

Sir Zelman Cowen Award: Heather Jobling 

Community Recognition Award: Judy Russell; Richard Grimmett; Mike Atkinson; Christine Anderson.

Honorary Life Member: Trevor & Pearl White; Judy Phelan

10 Year Service Award: Louise and Paul Zajac (Geelong Young@Park)

5 year Service Award: Darryl Keeble (Mildura); Cynthia Parker (Mildura); Christine Anderson (Kyabram); Joy Shortis (Kyabram); Kathy Kukuljan (Kyabram)

Certificate of Appreciation: Kirsten George; Peter Walsh; Dr John Locke; Fred Van Ross; Shane Murphy

2018 Award recipients

Sir Zelman Cowen Award:  Andrew Suggett 

Community Recognition Award: Geoff Constable; Kim Goodridge; Shane Jacobson.

15 Year Service Award: Elaine Maberly, Ray McClusky and Margot Adams (Ballarat); Edith Weaver (Essendon)

10 Year Service Award: Gordon Townsend (Essendon); Ingrid Camille (Eltham)

5 year Service Award: Anne Simpson (Eltham); Clarrie & Hwa O’Brien, Nu & Vien Lieu, Sue & Franz Schnellman, Robert & Sharyn Mains (Essendon); Jenny & John Wilson (Bentleigh); Mike Atkinson

Certificate of Appreciation: Kirsten George; Adam Conrad.

Previous Sir Zelman Cowen Award recipients:

2017 – Cheryl Barnes

2016 – Peter Raymond

2015 – Anne Mooney

2014 – Fred van Ross

2013 – Karyn Spilberg