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Finding a Neurologist

The most appropriate person to help manage your Parkinson’s is a neurologist. Choosing a neurologist can be a daunting process, especially finding one with a special interest in Parkinson’s.

Some questions you may like to consider when making this decision are: 

  • Does this doctor have a Parkinson’s specialty? 
  • Do I feel comfortable talking about personal issues with this doctor and do we communicate well? 
  • What are my options in choosing a treating doctor?

Support for you

  • For assistance in locating a suitable neurologist and/or information on how to get the most out of your medical appointments and neurological care, contact the Fight Parkinson’s Health Team on 1800 644 189
  • Download the list of Parkinson’s specialist neurologists (PDF) and general neurologists operating in Victoria. Please note, this list is not exhaustive; however it is a good starting point to assist individuals in making informed and appropriate decisions about their care and symptom management.