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Pain Management

Most people living with Parkinson’s will experience pain at some point as the condition progresses. However, pain affects each person differently. It may present as a feeling of tingling, numbness, stiffness or aching. Pain can be a major issue for some people, but a relatively minor issue for others.

Some of the causes of pain in Parkinson’s include:

If you are experiencing pain tell your GP or specialist. It can also be helpful to keep a diary to write down details about the pain such as:

  • Is it a new pain?
  • Where is the pain and what does it feel like?
  • When does it occur and how long does it last?
  • Do your Parkinson’s medications help with the pain?
  • Is there anything that helps to ease the pain?
  • Is there anything that worsens the pain?

These are all important details that your doctor will need to know to help you with your pain management.

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