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Awards honour dedicated Parkinson’s community members

Nov. 22, 2023

Isa Adams is the 2023 recipient of the Sir Zelman Cowen Award for her outstanding voluntary service to the Parkinson's Community.

Isa's contributions span fundraising, advocacy and personal outreach, all of which have made a significant difference in the lives of people living with Parkinson's. 

Isa first stepped into the Parkinson’s spotlight in 2017, publicly disclosing her diagnosis and sharing her journey with her family and friends at A Walk in the Park Melbourne. Despite being the top fundraiser for the event, she was reluctant to share her story, expressing a desire to focus on others in need. 

However, Isa shared with the Fight Parkinson's team her passion for dance and how her commitment to regular dance classes had positively influenced her physical and mental health. She wanted to see dance easily accessible to others with Parkinson’s. 

Recognising the potential of research to showcase the positive impact of dance on individuals with Parkinson’s, Isa connected with Professor Meg Morris, a physio and world-leading Parkinson's researcher. This marked the inception of ParkinDance, an evidence-based dance program for the Parkinson's community. 

Over three years, two research trials were conducted, and the findings from ParkinDance research are now accessible worldwide. With Isa’s support, Professor Morris' publication has provided the international community with a solid evidence base, facilitating global access to the program. 

Isa’s fundraising efforts, supported by friends and family, have raised over $180,000. Her involvement in initiatives such as fundraising breakfasts, cinema nights, dance evenings, and facilitating grants and donations from family celebrations has garnered great support. 

Isa's contributions extend beyond fundraising. Her desire to connect with like-minded people living with Parkinson's has led to the creation of the ParkinPlant Peer Support Group. Furthermore, in 2022, Isa donated her own art for a fundraiser, highlighting her artistic talent and her steadfast contribution and desire to build awareness and funds for the cause. 

In April 2023, Isa was an ambassador in Fight Parkinson’s Lift the Lid off Parkinson’s campaign, courageously sharing her personal journey and shedding light on the complex challenges faced by individuals living with Parkinson's. 

Isa Adams continues to inspire and elevate awareness of Parkinson's in the community and is a well-deserving recipient of Fight Parkinson's highest accolade, the Sir Zelman Cowen Award. 

Harold Waldron Carer’s Award

The Harold Waldron Carer's Award honours a family member or friend touched by Parkinson’s, who’s made a significant difference to the Parkinson’s community. 

Jill Price has been supporting her husband David, who was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's over 17+ years ago. Together, they have actively engaged in the Parkinson's community, with Jill extending her generosity by volunteering her time and expertise to provide vital administration support for the Fight Parkinson's team. 

Known in the Parkinson's community for her commitment and leadership in the Parkinson's community, Jill serves as the voluntary leader of the Ashwood ParkinSong group.  Her dedication played a crucial role in ensuring the group's continued existence, particularly during uncertain times such as COVID-19. Jill has played a crucial role in guiding the group and its members towards a safe and prosperous reopening after the challenges posed by the pandemic.  

Jill has actively contributed to the community codesign in the Parkinson’s leaders' training, assisting Fight Parkinson's in building a program that helps new volunteer leaders.  

Her contributions have not only improved the lives of those affected by Parkinson's but have also brought hope and comfort to countless individuals and the broader community.  

Jill's actions showcase the kind of dedication and commitment that exemplifies the spirit of the Harold Waldron Carer's Award. 

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