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Jun. 03, 2024

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About the Community Learning Hub

Fight Parkinson's Community Learning Hub hosts online, on-demand courses free for the Parkinson's community. 

These are the courses freely available:

Learn more about our three NEW courses here.

These courses are based on information provided in the highly popular Fight Parkinson’s education seminars and include an introduction to the disease and information on the common motor and non-motor symptoms experienced and how to manage them.

People can learn in their own time and at their own pace, pausing and continuing as suits them.

Offering a free online education program means anyone can access the information they need, regardless of their personal circumstances.

The current courses cover topics such as:

What is Parkinson's?

Parkinson's diagnosis

Motor symptoms

Non-motor symptoms

Treatment options  

Falls Prevention

Planning ahead       

Building your health team

Managing your symptoms

Keeping healthy and living well

Supporting someone with Parkinson's

Applying for the NDIS


Fight Parkinson’s is committed to providing community education free of charge. Donations to Fight Parkinson’s ensure all those affected can access essential services and support, including community education and health information line.

There will be more courses to come, hosted on the Community Learning Hub, freely available to the community.

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Fight Parkinson’s has also launched a new online learning program to build the skills and capabilities of aged care workers caring for clients and residents with Parkinson’s. You can access the Aged Care Learning Hub here.

The Recently Diagnosed project has been supported by funding from the Telematics Trust.

Empowering Carers: Navigating Parkinson's with Confidence, Women and Parkinson's: Addressing Unique Health Needs, and LGBTIQA+ Parkinson's Support: Creating Inclusive Care Spaces courses are generously supported by the John and Mary McAlister Howden Charitable Trust.

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