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Improving understanding of YOPD after diagnosis

Jul. 26, 2022

A new research project will explore the experience of people with Young Onset Parkinson’s, focusing on relationships, identity and future outlooks after diagnosis.

Central to this research will be examination of how those diagnosed with YOPD engage in strategies to retain their past, experience the present and reflect on possible futures.

The Monash University research project aims to better understand the psychosocial impacts of YOPD and help identify a roadmap for understanding YOPD after diagnosis.

It builds on previous research undertaken by researchers Assoc. Prof. Narelle Warren and Lewis Johnstone that looked into the impact of YOPD on sex and relationships.

What does it involve?

Participants will be required to participate in two interviews lasting approximately 60 minutes each by video, telephone or in person, as well as complete a photovoice task (using photos and narrative to document aspects of your life).

Who is eligible?

Researchers are seeking participants over 18 years of age competent in verbal and written English, diagnosed with Young Onset/Early Onset Parkinson’s.

Next steps?

If you are interested, please read the attached document for eligibility and participation information.


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