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ParKanDo, honoured with Grassroots Volunteering Award

Feb. 28, 2024

ParKanDo, a grassroots Parkinson's support group west of Melbourne and operated by a dedicated team of four volunteers (Carmel, Mimi, Pam and Peter), is thrilled to announce its prestigious recognition with the Grassroots Volunteering Award from Volunteering Victoria. The winners were revealed during a special ceremony held at Government House on Tuesday 27 Feb 2024.

ParKanDo, auspiced by Fight Parkinson's, Honoured with Grassroots Volunteering Award from Volunteering Victoria

The Grassroots Volunteering Award celebrates the remarkable contributions of small community-led organisations that have played pivotal roles in providing essential local services, driving positive change, and fostering social and community cohesion.

ParKanDo, founded in February 2020, has emerged as a beacon of hope and support for individuals and families affected by Parkinson's west of Melbourne. Through its innovative model, ParKanDo has significantly expanded the scope and diversity of activities for participants, their families and carers.

Under the guidance Carmel, Mimi, Pam and Peter, ParKanDo has pioneered inclusive initiatives tailored to meet the diverse needs of its participants. From emotional and social support programs to educational seminars and information-sharing sessions.

ParKanDo has actively worked to combat isolation, improve mood and enhance general well-being within the local Parkinson's community.

Key initiatives offered by ParKanDo include:

  • Dance for Parkinson's
  • Strength & Balance classes
  • Painting with Parkinson's
  • Chair Yoga/Carers Support Sessions

In addition to these activities, ParKanDo hosts regular monthly meetings, guest speaker events, annual Activity Fairs and community seminars.

The establishment of a Young and Early Onset group underscores ParKanDo's commitment to serving all demographics within the Parkinson's community located in the west of Melbourne.

The Grassroots Volunteering Award from Volunteering Victoria serves as a testament to ParKanDo's transformative impact and unwavering dedication to improving the lives of individuals affected by Parkinson's.

For anyone interested in joining Fight Parkinson’s ParKanDo Peer Support activities, contact Fight Parkinson’s at or call (03) 8809 0400.


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