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Lift the lid off Parkinson’s!

Feb. 09, 2023

It’s time! Time to lift the lid off Parkinson’s!

You told us the voice and profile of Parkinson’s in the community needs to be heard, so this year we are lifting the lid off Parkinson’s!

We know when the Parkinson’s community stands united, we empower each other to make a difference.

A Walk in the Park provides the opportunity to stand together to be seen, heard and understood. Together we can say more, do more, be more. So, let’s fight Parkinson’s together.

Join us at A Walk in the Park on Sunday 26 March and together let’s lift the lid off Parkinson’s.

We are tagging you now to help us to Fight Parkinson’s.

By being tagged we are asking you to register for the walk and then start a conversation with your networks about what it means to live with Parkinson’s, which is the fastest growing neurological disorder in the world.

A Walk in the Park is Australia’s largest community event dedicated to improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s.

This event brings together thousands of people from all walks of life including those living with Parkinson’s, their families, friends, carers and healthcare professionals working in the field.

It creates a sense of belonging and of being part of a community who understand and support each other.

It’s also an important fundraiser for Fight Parkinson’s health education and support services.

By coming together in forces at A Walk in the Park we are demonstrating that the Parkinson’s community is united and strong and will fight for better treatments, fight to live well and for the search for a cure.

It’s time to lift the lid off Parkinson’s and together we can!

Register for A Walk in the Park →

Tag your networks too.

Tag your network to help lift the lid off Parkinson’s by sharing your story to help build their understanding of the condition. Encourage them to either register for A Walk in the Park or donate to your efforts.

Download this sticker and forward it to your networks and ask them to join you at A Walk in the Park or donate to your efforts:


Share via social media – If you are a social media user, use your social pages to share your story of living with Parkinson’s. Share photos of you tagging, giving a sticker and encouraging them to join you at A Walk in the Park.

Stephen Dunn has tagged gym owner Tommy, trainer Jen, and buddies Vicki and Pauline!

Karyn Spilberg recently met up with 10 school friends, taking the opportunity to tag them to help her 'Lift the lid off Parkinson’s' and encouraging them to join her and raise their voice for greater awareness and understanding of the condition she has lived with for more than 20 years.

Eva Stiller, tagged her daughter Liz (pictured with her), and has signed up for A Walk in the Park! She wants to let people know that it is possible to live well with Parkinson’s. She said it is important to be active, exercise and meditate.

Let us know who you tagged to help lift the lid off Parkinson’s by:

Calling our office to share your story – (03) 8809 0400.

Email us –

Or tag us on your social pages - #fightparkinsons.

Register for A Walk in the Park →


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