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Staying two steps ahead

Each day I ask myself “Where am I at today?"

Dylan describes how Parkinson’s makes him ask this question each day, and he adjusts his plans so that he can live the day as best he can. Dylan acknowledges it takes a certain humility to start each day with this question.  He continues to adapt to life with Parkinson’s since diagnosis eight years ago, aged 32.

“Learning to be two steps ahead has helped me to accept and adapt to life with Parkinson’s”, says Dylan. “It’s helped me make some difficult life changing decisions in the eight years since diagnosis. I’ve had tremendous support from my family, work, friends and colleagues, but ultimately I’ve had to recognise I couldn’t juggle things at the same pace anymore.”

Dylan recognises that the festive season can be challenging with Parkinson’s and many may need additional support at this time of the year. 

With the help of Fight Parkinson’s and his health team, he’s a number of strategies in place to help him enjoy this Christmas, one that he hopes will be as memorable as his Christmas in the US in 1997. For the first time this Christmas, he will be sharing Christmas Day with his children, family and new partner.  

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