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Time to smell the roses

Pam West was diagnosed in 2013 with Parkinson's and describes Fight Parkinson’s as her 'White Knight'.

Pam describes Fight Parkinson’s as that best friend on the other end of the phone that is always there for you, listening without judgement and seeming to know what to do and how to do it, when you don’t.

Pam’s journey has been unexpected; full of twists and turns, ups and downs, but without doubt filled with more positives than negatives.

“The diagnosis made me realise how truly loved and lucky I am. For the first time I was forced to focus on my needs before others” says Pam.

As a project manager by trade and 'chief organiser', Pam needed to feel a sense of control when diagnosed.  She contacted Fight Parkinson's and received information and support to address a range of concerns.  Joining a support group also helped boost her confidence about her DBS surgery in June.

Pam's family have been there every step of the way, my four children and their partners are amazing, knowin when to help and when to step back." Together they have learned more about Parkinson's, how to better manage symptoms and support one another.

Pam acknowledges that Parkinson's has certainly changed her life, and even though she concedes it may sound silly, she truly believes is for the better.  Of course, there have been some tough times, but she is grateful for all she has experienced.

It is only through your support that Fight Parkinson's can continue to deliver profesional information and support to a growing number of people diagnosed with Parkinson's and those experiencing changing symptoms. 

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