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Introducing Fight Parkinsons

At Parkinson’s Victoria – now operating as Fight Parkinson’s – our community is at the forefront of all we do. Early in 2021, we consulted with the Parkinson’s and Atypical Parkinson’s community – we asked what you needed from us and how we should do it. You told us we needed to lift the voice and the profile of Parkinson’s in the community and strongly lead sector coordination.

Based on what you told us, we have repositioned ourselves to better represent and meet the needs of our community. We made a very considered decision and have adopted a new name – Fight Parkinson’s.

It's estimated that 57,000 Victorians are living with Parkinson's. More than 219,000 Australians today have Parkinson’s and more people are diagnosed every day. Parkinson’s and Atypical Parkinson’s (PSP, MSA CBS) are life-changing conditions, with no cure and no way to slow their progression.

We believe that with strong sector coordination and leadership, and greater community and government support, we can realise better outcomes for people living with Parkinson’s or Atypical Parkinson’s (PSP, MSA and CBS).

Why the name change?

Our name puts our community first. The fight is multilayered and may shift from one day to the next, but the collective motivation is unchanged - to support and empower each other to live full and active lives, towards a Parkinson’s free future. Fight Parkinson’s represents our community. It is distinctive, powerful, and authentic, yet also memorable and enduring.

Parkinson's Victoria represented the Parkinson's community for more than 4 decades, but to truly fulfil our purpose you told us we needed to do more. Through our new name, we have positioned ourselves in a way that will maximise opportunities for advocacy, research, support, and fundraising, while strengthening our reputation and asserting our independence.

Parkinson’s Victoria represented our organisation – Fight Parkinson’s represents all of us. It represents you, our community, our clinical specialists, our healthcare professionals, researchers, and our advocates. It represents the work we need to do together to unite us and make a difference.

Our resolve remains unchanged. With a new name and logo, we continue to support and empower all Victorians with Parkinson’s or Atypical Parkinson’s to live full and active lives and look forward to fighting Parkinson’s together now and into the future.

Why the ‘fight’?

Our fight will elevate the voice of our community and create an even stronger awareness and recognition of Parkinson’s. Together we will fight for better services, and to support more research to deliver effective therapies, treatments, and someday - a cure.

Living with Parkinson's as it progresses is a fight. The fight is complex and enduring – for some it's for recognition and validation, for others, it's for independence and dignity. The fight is entwined in a belief that progress is possible – to build families and friendships, and to live full and active lives. The fight is to be able to live the moments we yearn for – from the simple to the spectacular. To be there for one another, and to be seen, heard, and understood. The fight is collective – to realise possibilities together, for people living with Parkinson’s.

Together we can

Fight Parkinson’s is about all of us. Because together we can do so much more. When our community stands together, we empower all lives touched by Parkinson’s or Atypical Parkinson’s. Fight Parkinson’s represents the work we need to do together to realise possibilities for people living with Parkinson’s. Unite with us to make a difference.

Because together we can.

We’re sure you have questions – it’s a lot to take in. If you want to know more please contact us via or (03) 8809 0400.