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Recently Diagnosed With Parkinson’s

Individual reactions to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s are as varied as the symptoms of the condition. However, no-one has to face Parkinson’s alone.

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s is a life changing experience, but there are treatments to help manage the symptoms and support services available to help get the most out of life, maintain independence and to continue to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Attend a Recently Diagnosed Seminar

Fight Parkinson’s Recently Diagnosed Seminars provide a welcoming environment in which individuals and their families can understand diagnosis and connect with others facing a similar situation.

You will come away with the knowledge and tools to build a foundation for improved self-management and care. This includes symptom management strategies and information on available support services.

The sessions are led by a Fight Parkinson’s specialist nurse and includes time for questions.

“A Fight Parkinson’s RDS is a ‘must-attend’ for anyone new to the condition,” said Health Team, Clinical & Support Services Manager, Victor McConvey.

“It’s not just the information about managing Parkinson’s that is invaluable. We know that conditions like Parkinson’s can be isolating, particularly for those living in regional Victoria.

“Attending an RDS session – even one held online – provides the opportunity to engage with others who are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s and to ask questions in a safe and understanding environment.”

As well as providing a unique opportunity to learn more about living with Parkinson’s from experts, the program also includes a presentation by an individual living with Parkinson’s, facing similar challenges to your own.

Strong and consistent evaluation feedback from past attendees indicates the information provided at an RDS is invaluable. Said one past attendee - “you were able to articulate the facts succinctly, calmly and clearly and diffuse some of the clinical confusion.”

These sessions are designed for people diagnosed within the past five years. Family members are also welcome to attend.

Each RDS will consist of two 1.5 hour sessions, held across two consecutive days.

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Dec 8 - 9 2022
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Further information and registration details can also be found on our events page.

In the meantime, you'll find plenty of useful information here on the Fight Parkinson’s website, so use the menu to have a look around. 

  • Download ‘The Journey Kit’ (PDFs) – a good starting point for people diagnosed in the last 5 years

The Fight Parkinson’s Health Information Team can advise on a range of areas such as emotional issues for families dealing with the diagnosis, social and health care rights, welfare benefits, driving, insurance, and employment. We welcome calls from people with Parkinson’s, carers and family members.

  • Fight Parkinson’s Information Line is free and confidential, and available Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (except public holidays)
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