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Ask the Expert: Atypical Parkinson’s with Professor David Finkelstein

Online Session via Zoom (map)

Thu 15th Jun 2023, 11:00am to 12:00pm (1 hour)

Prof. David Finkelstein will discuss the phase 2 Clinical trial of ATH434, a newly developed medication with the potential to provide a treatment for Multiple System Atrophy (MSA).

Fight Parkinson’s is please to bring you a very special Ask the Experts providing an update on ATH434, and medication for Multiple System Atrophy.

Fight Parkinson’s is pleased to bring you a very special Ask the Expert presentation, providing an update on ATH434 and its potential as a medication to treat for Multiple System Atrophy (MSA).

Professor David Finkelstein, head of the Parkinson’s Laboratory at The Florey, will join us to discuss the Phase 2 Clinical trial of ATH434, an oral agent which aims to inhibit aggregation of the brain protein alpha-synuclein and restore normal iron balance in the brain.


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