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Ask the Expert: Cannabis and Parkinson’s

Online Session via Zoom (map)

Wed 23rd Mar 2022, 5:30pm to 6:30pm (1 hour)

Some of the most common questions that the Fight Parkinson’s help line receives is about Cannabis, medical marijuana and Parkinson’s. This session will provide answers to these questions.

The aim of this session would be to discuss Cannabis and Medical marijuana and Parkinson’s, enabling our participants to sort the facts from the fiction.

The session will be a Question time with expected questions being:

  • Medical Cannabis and Marijuana are a hot topic. Is there any evidence suggesting they can help Parkinson’s symptoms?
  • What do you think some of the key cautions or concerns are surrounding the cannabis and medical marijuana?   
  • There are many claims on social media that using medical marijuana and cannabis can help Parkinson’s symptoms, why should people be cautious about what they see on social media?
  • The American Academy of Neurology released a review of research into cannabis/ medical marijuana and Parkinson’s. it noted that there was currently insufficient evidence, yet the research had only focused on motor symptoms.  Do you think there is a need for additional well-constructed clinical trials the role these substances have in treating other symptoms?

There will also be the opportunity for the attendees to submit questions before and during the event which the team at Fight Parkinson’s will curate.

Information about Dr. Richard Blazé can be found on his practice website.

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