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Positive Life: Sleep and Parkinson’s

Online Session via Zoom (map)

Thu 16th Mar 2023, 10:00am to 11:00am (1 hour)

Make 2023 the year to learn more about how to live positively with your Parkinson’s.

Knowing more about practical strategies, the latest treatments and therapies, and where to find the support you need, will contribute to living positively and confidently with Parkinson’s

Fight Parkinson’s online education program is designed to arm you with practical information and tips from our health team and community members.

The importance of sleep

Sleep difficulties are common in Parkinson’s. They can caused by acting out vivid dreams (known as REM sleep disorder), restless legs, sleep apnoea, the urge to go to the toilet (nocturia) and difficulties turning over in bed.

Ongoing disrupted night-time sleep can lead to fatigue, which can further impact daily life and activities.

In this informative and interactive session will explore the sleep difficulties you may encounter in Parkinson’s and provide some practical tips to manage and even overcome them. 

This online education session is free to attend for anyone with Parkinson’s, or caring for a person with Parkinson’s.

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