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Leave a gift in your Will

September 4-10 is Include A Charity Week, which is all about encouraging more Australians to have a conversation about finalising their Will and leaving a gift to their charity.

When you choose to leave a gift in your Will (also known as bequest) to Fight Parkinson’s, you are giving everyone impacted by Parkinson’s access to comprehensive support and research, so they can live a full and active life.


Need support or information?

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will or would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at or phone (03) 8809 0400.

Alternatively, you can download the online Fight Parkinsons Gift in Will Guide which has information such as the types of gifts in Will and wording to provide to your solicitor.  To receive a complimentary Gifts in Wills Guide in the post, please get in touch with us using the information provided above.


A Lifetime of Support: Judy and Ian’s Legacy for the Parkinson’s Community.

“You need to know it’s not enough just to survive, we need to live well. And whilst I still have the energy, I’ll continue to fundraise and raise awareness. I know it’s too late for me to benefit from new research, but it’s enough to know it could spare others some of the grief that we experienced.” Judy, 2019

Judy’s journey with Parkinson’s started in 2000. As an award-winning caterer, she had passionately worked hard all her life, so being diagnosed was a shock to her and her entire family.

Over the last 23 years, Judy and her husband Ian have had to navigate living with Parkinson’s. However, every step of the way they have had the support of Fight Parkinson’s (previously Parkinson’s Victoria).

“I was very conscious that when we re-made our Will, I would put something aside [for Fight Parkinson’s], whatever that may be, and I felt better since I wrote it down. This is something as a community - we need to do. And if you are able to, please try and do it. Small amounts add up,” Ian said.


Get in touch with us

If you have already placed us in your Will – thank you.

No matter how large or small, your gift will create a lasting legacy. You will be supporting the Parkinson’s and Atypical Parkinson’s community to access the most comprehensive support, education and research, so they can live a full and active life.

If you are happy to let us know of the gift in Will, please do get in touch with us. We would love the opportunity to thank you personally and keep you up to date with our community activities and research developments. You can reach out to us on or on (03) 8809 0400.


Your legacy will be shaping a stronger future for the Parkinson’s community

“When you decide to leave a gift in your Will to Fight Parkinson’s, you are joining a community of people who are choosing to create a better future for those impacted by Parkinson’s. Your legacy will live on well after you’re gone” – Emma Collin, CEO.

Leaving a gift in your will to Fight Parkinson’s means the community can continue to access our specialised supports free of charge, including:

  • A free and confidential health information service that is staffed by expert Parkinson’s nurses, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist and a speech pathologist
  • The online Learning Hub is free and easy to access. The educational courses cover all aspects of living with Parkinson’s for individuals, their families and carers
  • Peer support groups where people living with Parkinson’s an opportunity to meet regularly in a welcoming environment. They provide educational information, social connection, and a supportive community
  • Health events and seminars that are designed to educate people living with Parkinson’s and health professionals on all aspects of Parkinson’s. They include seminars for people recently diagnosed, along with community seminars that aim to provide the community with a better understanding of Parkinson’s
  • Research through partnerships with research institutes and universities. The research programs aim to discover more about the cause, and potential cure, of Parkinson’s and Atypical Parkinson’s along with ways to improve the lives of people currently living with Parkinson’s


Complete your Will online

Fight Parkinson’s has partnered with three online Will providers to make the process of creating a Will easier.

You complete a simple Will with any of our partners below by clicking on their name.

We hope that when you use this special service, you will consider how you can create a living and lasting legacy where you are giving the Parkinson’s and Atypical Parkinson’s community access to comprehensive support and research, so they can live a full and active life.

1. Gathered Here

With Gathered Here, you have the opportunity to write your Will for free, including making unlimited updates to your Will for life. Gathered Here can help you create a legally valid and personalised Will online, using one of Australia’s largest and most trusted online Will service.

2. SafeWill

Safewill is an Australian company that shares our values and vision for gender equality and a just world for children. Their platform makes it easy for the 70% of Australians who don’t have a legally binding Will to create one, through a simple online platform. Every Will is reviewed by a practicing Australian solicitor.

3. Willed

Write a Will online in as little as 15 minutes, and get peace of mind for you and your loved ones with a 20% off discount through the Fight Parkinson’s partnership.