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Parkinson’s Awareness Month

April is Parkinson's Awareness Month, with 11 April officially recognised as World Parkinson's Day. This is a time when we recognise and build awareness of the impact of living with Parkinson's.

Fight Parkinson’s continues to lift the lid to improve understanding of Parkinson's disease for World Parkinson's Month, April.

We aim to increase awareness and understanding for the more than 219,000 Australians (57,000 Victorians) living with Parkinson’s, the world’s fastest growing neurological disease.

We know that when the Parkinson's community is united, they empower each other to make a difference.

We want to ensure greater understanding of the deep impact of Parkinson’s that goes beyond shaking so that the disease is taken seriously by decision makers, and to help reduce the stigma associated with some of the symptoms.

Fight Parkinson's provides specialist advice and support for people living with Parkinson’s, their families, carers and healthcare professionals through tailored health education programs and seminars and a free and confidential health information service.

Motor - or movement - symptoms are better known, but as those living with Parkinson’s know all too well, non-motor symptoms can be just as concerning. They can include a range of issues affecting mental health, cognitive and bodily function, as well as pain and anxiety.

The following statements were provided to Fight Parkinson's by people living with Parkinson's.


  • is not just an older person’s disease, but can also affect younger people  
  • is not always a person who has the shakes
  • drains my energy and affects everything I do
  • symptoms are not always visible
  • is not always easy to explain
  • can affect the whole family
  • is not a death sentence, but can make life more difficult
  • limited my career opportunities and reduced my workload
  • has reduced my EQ (emotional intelligence) and confidence
  • has made mixing in crowded rooms stressful.

Parkinson’s also: 

  • has strengthened my resilience
  • has allowed me to see the best in people around me, including strangers
  • challenges me every day to be a kinder and more accepting person than I was yesterday
  • does not make you a sufferer unless you choose to let it make you a victim
  • doesn't stop you from doing what you have always done, you just have to do things differently.
  • does not define you! It affects everyone differently and is life changing but the Parkinson’s community is full of loving caring people.

Parkinson’s symptoms vary between individuals and there is no set pathway for when and how fast the condition will progress.

A Parkinson’s diagnosis is life changing, but being resilient, adapting and arming yourself with knowledge is key to living life to the fullest. As is not facing the journey alone.

If you would like to help us raise awareness of Parkinson's disease, we have designed a range of posters below, which you can click to download and print to share with others. 

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April 21 - A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park is a major fundraiser that brings the Parkinson’s community together, uniting thousands of people who understand and support each other. A Walk in the Park Melbourne is being on April 21 and there are various regional events being organised by community members across Victoria. Learn more.

April 24 - Positive Life: Driving and Parkinson’s

This informative session will explore how Parkinson's can impact driving, legal responsibilities and possible implications for drivers, as well as strategies to maximise driver safety. Learn more.

April 24 - Ask the Expert: Something for Everybody

This extraordinary Ask the Expert session will spotlight the learning activities developed by the Fight Parkinson's Team, supported by a grant from the Perpetual Foundation. Learn more.

April 26 - Online Singing

Join our online singing community and get ready to belt out some tunes in the comfort and security of your own home. Learn more.

April 29 - Parkinson’s Research Symposium (Melbourne)

Fight Parkinson's is teaming up with Parkinson's NSW to host a free Research Symposium for the Parkinson's community. Learn about the latest developments in Parkinson’s research, presented by leading scientists and clinicians in the field. Learn more.


Resources for you

Explore the Community Learning Hub

The Learning Hub provides evidence-based Parkinson’s education covering a range of topics, which anyone can access at any time. Learn more.

Learn about Fight Parkinson’s Support Services

Read our information sheet which provides key information and support services available for the community. Learn more.

Access Fight Parkinson’s free information sheets

Fight Parkinson’s has various information sheets available to assist with specific symptoms and topics that could arise as you live with Parkinson’s. Learn more.